PodUp Launches to Connect Families With Options For Childcare, Education and Socialization During COVID-19

September 16, 2020

Fresno, Calif., – Sept. 17, 2020 – PodUp (www.podupnow.com), an online platform that matches families into groups as a solution to the childcare, education and socialization challenges resulting from the pandemic, has launched nationwide. The platform allows caretakers to input information on COVID safety preferences, routines and needs, to be connected with other local families that match, so they can decide if they’d like to form a pod.

“We saw the enormous amount of stress on parents and caretakers as they struggled to maintain their daily lives while also undertaking distance learning. Pods have become a way for families to share the responsibilities with nearby families that practice the same level of COVID precautions,” said Michelle Skoor, Chief Product Officer, PodUp. “PodUp makes this organic process digital, as a free, simple method for families and communities to seek out and connect with others who can help support them through this difficult time.”

Pods emerged during the pandemic as a way for families to form small groups that can share the load with childcare. Pods allow caregivers the opportunity to work, take a break and socialize. At the same time, pods provide children a peer group during the important developmental stages of their life.

“PodUp addresses many of the issues of isolation that can overwhelm caregivers trying to maintain best practices during the pandemic,” said Emily Bilbao, LCSW and Psychotherapist practicing in Oregon. “Pods can positively affect the mental health of all family members. Pods create a sense of normalcy for youth through peer engagement and reduced parental stress, and when arranged intentionally and safely, can help mitigate any additional risk of exposure.”

PodUp can be used by any individual or organization that wants to safely create community and relief for the many new obstacles faced by families and caregivers. To learn more about PodUp or start your own pod, visit: www.podupnow.com

About PodUp
PodUp matches caregivers and organizations, at no cost, to a network of local families who can safely share resources and childcare options. The goal is to help eliminate the overwhelming stress caused by isolation, while providing families with connection and community. PodUp provides an option for addressing childcare needs – safely, securely, and with the right precautionary measures.

Socially distanced doesn’t have to mean being alone.

Safely connect and find your Pod now!

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